Your Tie Makes a Statement About You

Your Tie Makes a Statement About You

Working in a professional environment demands a specific dress code, and in this case, we are talking about mens suits. This is an excellent chance to display your smart dress sense and look the part, regardless of what industry you are working in. If you are expected to put on a suit and tie as part of your employment, it is vital your style choices are right on the money.

Men’s suits are available in a wide variety, both in colour and fabric, which makes it hard to match the appropriate tie to an event. After all, a tie will undoubtedly be different for your weekend occasions as opposed to a wedding you may be attending.

Picking the Right Colours

Your everyday suits are usually colours such as black, grey or navy.
There are a couple of essential colours which should have a place in your wardrobe. Primarily, a red tie would be your most crucial colour if you want to stay fashionable. Red is a robust and daring colour which will show off your assertiveness easily.

Blue is another primary colour you need to have in your tie selection. Pick a light shade for the summertime, and go with the navy for formal events. Navy ties possess a classic, versatile style which you can not go wrong with! You might think pink is a challenging colour to coordinate with, but match your pink tie with a navy or grey suit for a contemporary look.

For a complete wardrobe, you need to have at least one bold coloured tie. They are the simplest to coordinate and usually is the most professional; especially for those company meetings. Make sure you choose a colour that will produce a bold statement about who you are.

Essential Patterns to Think about

Your pick of work tie does not stop with your colour choice. You need to mix in a couple of patterns to make a statement and be prepared for whatever the office may throw at you.

A classic pattern to have on hand is the striped pattern. A traditional option, striped ties must be chosen with care. In case your suit or shirt has stripes, you can still use your striped tie! Each one the colours should match each other.

Specific patterns may also liven up your match. Paisley print is a favourite because of its subtler spin on a floral accent, using an intriguing base which could consist of many distinct colours. Bear in mind that anything overly bright or garish may have a negative influence on your professional look, so maybe think about a simple design with similar colours to your shirt. Polka dots are just another way of adding some additional visual appeal to your match.

In the end, your tie will be the focus of your suit. Whenever you are picking a new tie, don’t forget the general rule of thumb; wear a daring tie using a plain shirt, or a plain tie using a daring shirt!