Having the right knowledge about where to live in Melbourne

Having the right knowledge about where to live in Melbourne

With a population of around 4.35 million people, Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and it is the capital of Victoria. It is one of the recommended liveable city in the world. The river Yarra makes its way right through the heart of Melbourne and the city has half of its population aged under 35 which is filled with various nationalities. This city has four different seasons and the most incredible point is that you can experience all of the four seasons in just one day. Untamed winds and storms can come right after you are basking in sun on a clear sky day. The winters are usually chilly and just like any other winter season, it is dull and gloomy with a minimum amount of sunshine to help you tolerate the cold. It is always better to consult with a retail property agent for the right type of advice when it comes to knowing the right area or property to reside in. These types of seasons occur all over Australia which means in Melbourne too and it becomes very important to evaluate the entire home situation and its surroundings for a more organized property management and assessment. So, here are some places where one could live in Melbourne:

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Areas to live in eastern Melbourne: –

Doncaster East – The community in Doncaster East is closely packed with greenery to soothe your eyes and has numerous shops, good places to eat, a reputed school and a good network of transport for the public. They have a very accessible and close by mall which can satiate all your necessary shopping within. Ranging from departmental stores to supermarkets to clothing stores and electronics. You name it, they’re all there.

Kew – Here the streets are decorated with plants and trees and the house are so gorgeous that they are pleasing to the eyes. This place is only 5 km away from the city.

Areas to live in western Melbourne:-

Kingsville – The area where this place is located is called the ’Golden Triangle’ by people that live there and it comes under the category of the inner-city suburb. The reason why people want to buy houses in this place is because of the fact that it is situated in the ’Golden Triangle’.

Roxburgh Park – This place has its three-quarters of houses bought by the families and it is kind of budget-friendly. Just because it is easy on pockets, Aussie Home Loans ranked this suburb as one of the most popular family suburbs in Melbourne.

Areas to live in northern Melbourne:-

Macleod – With a hint of a friendly neighbourhood, this place is great for living because it has various local schools and has tons of family-friendly houses. Transport is excellent with an efficient railway.

Coburg – This place has a village looking style to it and if you have taste in the Victorian house this place be just right for you. Despite being a village looking place, this area is filled with numerous parks and if you like public schools they have it there. Private school goers should definitely stay here because they got a private school as well.

Areas to live in southern Melbourne:-

Altona – This beautiful place located just only 13 km away from the city and has a significant network of rails. Altona has a beach and has almost everything from the mesmerizing beach view to places where there are numerous houses which everyone wants to buy. It has a number of amazing schools, places for walking and doing physical activities. Overall it’s a great place to live in Melbourne. These areas make it far more accessible for you to have a well-established and connected GPS SOS device in case. This area is security and protection savvy. Hence every measure needed to have the right protection will be provided.

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Bentleigh – This place is loaded with beautiful parks, amazing schools, shopping places, mesmerizing beaches and the most important thing about this place is it has a good number of the house on family-friendly blocks.

Now you can easily find your new home and make it GPS alert accessible in Melbourne with the help of our article. Melbourne is a beautiful place where you can find your new house and house which can be easy on your pocket. It has a great number of parks, collection if good schools and overall a nice friendly neighbourhood which will help you in socializing with others. Consider these options, and further look into the housing requirement you need as the city is the best for apartments and suburbs are best for independent houses. If you wish to have your own backyard and private space in a quiet environment, suburb options are always suitable. However, security concerns such as an apartment with restricted entry, concierge, etc. are mostly available towards the city side. City apartments cost a bit more hence the element of price also needs to be considered. Hence, all these considerations altogether can help you secure the most suitable and adaptable place to live in.